I haven’t done monthly faves in such a looong time… or wait, have I done this, ever? Can’t remember and baah, too lazy to check! Here are my Top 5 October Monthly Beauty Favorites!

Posts like this is such a convenient way to review products briefly. So here I shortlisted my fave products for October!

5 October Monthly Beauty Favorites

October Monthly Beauty Favorites

  1. Shu Uemura POREraser UV Under base mousse. I have been using this for the past weeks and although I was initially uncomfortable with the mousse texture (you have to apply it fast as it dries up fast), I did like it after several use. It makes my face matte and my pores smaller so it looks like I have smooth skin. I can wear this alone or under foundation/BB Cream. Luckily I have a back up for this but I don’t think I’d be opening that one soon! A little goes a long way with this mousse. Some people asked me if it’s comparable to Benefit POREfessional Pro Balm. I honestly like the Shu one better cos it keeps oil at bay for longer hours than Benefit’s.
  2. Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean. This was just an impulse buy when I was killing time in Beauty Bar a few weeks ago. I was drawn in by its large attention-grabbing lettering and said to myself, hey why not…I need a new cleanser anyway! The brand Formula 10.0.6 is foreign to me but I’m glad it doesn’t breakout on me so far! It’s both a cleanser and toner and it does an excellent job in removing dirt and makeup residue that my facial wash can’t do. It’s cooling, hydrating, alcohol-free and best of all, doesn’t sting! I see myself repurchasing this but I find the Php545 price a bit steep. Read separate product review here.
  3. Ysabel’s Daughter Revitalizing Facial Serum. I love the vanilla scent of this! I’ve been using this on and off for the past few months cos I seriously am bad at keeping up with my facial routine. But I noticed I’ve been using it quite a lot this October, so yeah. It’s definitely a fave this month! You can win one on my ongoing giveaway!
  4. Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel. This moisturizer states that it stimulates collagen and minimizes pores. It also reduces wrinkles on face and eye area. What I love about this is that it dries up matte on my face and doesn’t feel greasy after application. Also, it’s worth noticing that other moisturizers indicate they’re not suited for the eye area, but this one is! Our eye area is very sensitive so I’m happy that this moisturizer doesn’t sting when applied on that area. Plus I can save on my eye cream during daytime cos I can substitute this.
  5. Virginia Olsen Organic Lipstick. I usually change lipsticks that I put in my vanity kit every other day but this one is a staple this month! Also if I need to change bag I make sure that this lipstick goes right in. Obsessed? Pretty much! I reviewed this organic lipstick in this post.

There you have it! What are your Top 5 October Monthly Beauty Favorites? If you have any questions, just drop a message or in the comment section.

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