Look who is back! Excuse the birthday girl, she got really busy with life these past few days! And speaking of life… it is indeed full of happy surprises! Who knew turning 25 could be fun pala?

It was made super memorable and super awesome by my co-workers, friends and family! Let me relive the moment…

I was caught off guard when I arrived in the office and saw my desk and chair full of teeny weensy cutie balloons!!! They know I love balloons and that alone made my day already! Then another surprise came in a few hours after – them singing happy birthday while giving me a cake! Awww you guys! Thank you for always making my birthday extra special! *insert tears of joy here* :’)

On turning 25…

On Turning 25

On Turning 25 1

Then I have this birthday salubong tradition with my friends and thank goodness they were free that evening to celebrate with me! We all had a very long day but they stayed till the clock strikes at 12 midnight to welcome my birthday! Thanks for spending the last of my 24th and the first few hours of my 25th with me, love you girls!

On Turning 25

Come Saturday, my family had plans of going to Tagaytay for my actual birthday. But I can’t absent myself from grad school anymore (last weekend I was in Baler – a separate blog post for this is in order), so we settled for karaoke and beer night instead. It was fun nonetheless!

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On Turning 25 2

Okay, reality check. Am I overreacting for making my age a big of a deal? Well it really is for me! I mean, goodness… turning 25 is like a milestone! I’m past that experimental early 20’s life where I can easily get away with the “ohh but i’m just 21 what do I know? *insert whiny face here*

When you hit 25, this is the time when you will reflect where the hell you stand in your life, on your career, on relationship and financial matters, on everything.

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But you know what, I realized that life would be such a drag if I continue worrying what the future may bring. To quote what my co-worker and dear friend wrote on my bday card “continue to learn from the not-so-good waves and appreciate the good ones.” Cheers to all ‘89 babies, this is our year! 🙂

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