One way to save on airfare costs when traveling is by not availing check-in baggage. Or getting the cheapest one with the smallest weight limit if you absolutely have to. So how do you achieve that? You have to pack light, of course!

I know some people are simply not comfortable packing lightly. Somehow they feel the urge to bring their whole closet for those “just in case” moments. I should know – I’ve been there, done that! #guilty 🙈

So here I will show you 5 hacks on how to pack light that you can try when you travel. They work wonders for me ever since I started doing these on recent trips so I’m sharing my secrets. 😉

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How To Pack Light Every Time You Travel

There are no hard rules on how to pack light. Ultimately you learn these things through years of trial and error experiences. Hopefully, these basic hacks will help you in future travels! Some of these tips can also apply for just about any travel – whether via plane, sea or road trip.

Trip Planning Tips

How To Pack Light Every Time You Travel

Trip Planning Tip 1

Don’t pack bulky clothes, wear them

Wear your heaviest shoes and bulky clothes like jackets at check-in. Airplanes are notoriously cold anyway so those will help keep you warm during the flight. Imagine the extra space you can save on your luggage or backpack when you don’t have to pack these bulky items.

Trip Planning Tip 2

Plan your OOTD

Pick a simple color palette and bring clothes around those colors. Go to Pinterest or Google some travel OOTD for inspiration. That way you can avoid the urge to bring your whole closet with you when you travel.

Usually, when I pack my clothes for a trip, I like picking versatile items that I can easily mix and match. I also like taking photos of myself wearing each set of clothes (with all the combinations they can possibly have). And then save them on my phone.

This gives me a visual reference when I’m on the actual trip itself – so I don’t have to do any guesswork anymore on which item pairs best with which. It saves me tons of time when getting ready!

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💡 PRO TIP: Bring clothes that you’re super comfortable to wear! Don’t bring clothes and pray they will suddenly fit at all the right places when you wear them at your destination. They won’t. You’ll just waste luggage space in the end.

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Trip Planning Tip 3

Pack light clothes and dresses

One of the recent hacks that I do so I can pack light is by bringing dresses. I like the fact that I don’t have to think of matching any top and bottom. You instantly have a complete outfit in just one dress! You can then just layer it with a jacket or scarf to make it look different throughout your trip.

Here are some nice dresses from Kis that you can check out! Kis is a large clothing manufacturer that offers high quality and stylish designs. They ship anywhere in the world!

This pretty chiffon elegant floral dress is perfect for any OOTD shot. It’s also very airy so you don’t have to worry about sweating when you wear this.

Another reason to pack a dress on your trip is for those romantic dinner dates or a fun girls’ night out! Something like this ruffle midi dress should do the trick. It’s feminine and the intricate design is pretty interesting.

Aside from midi and floral dresses, Kis also offers elegant prom dresses, maxi dresses, comfy tops and bottoms, jumpsuits, and more!

Trip Planning Tip 4

Pack one week worth of clothes

If you are traveling for more than a week, you don’t have to pack for the x number of weeks you will be gone. Instead, pack for 1 week worth of clothes. Why? It’s easier to visualize one week of clothes than say a month’s worth!

Also, doing laundry at your point of destination is usually a whole lot cheaper than paying for excess baggage. This will also save you the hassle of carrying heavy luggage (especially if you have to travel alone with no one to help you).

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Trip Planning Tip 5