Here’s a little something to motivate you to get right back on track in your fitness journey – aka your goal to get abs!

Gets abs asap!

Project: Get Abs ASAP!

This is the part where you and I go “daaamnit! I shouldn’t have eaten all those holiday ham and yummy reese’s smores! Now, look, I gained all these pounds!!!” *insert sulky face here*

Project: Get Abs ASAP!

But hey, if it’s any consolation, new year usually is the best time to start getting back to shape. So, move it already, while the determination is still there!

Project: Get Abs ASAP!

As for me, it’s Project: Bring Back The Abs this 2014. Oh wait, they NEVER left cos there was none. Lols! But remember how I lost 25 pounds last year? If I can lose that much, surely a few pounds gained over the holidays can easily be remedied, right? RIIIGGGHT. Back to my SureSlim diet it is!

Project: Get Abs ASAP!

Nobody said it was ever easy, but if you want to get that bikini-ready bod this summer, you gotta start somewhere. While there’s still time to prepare. FYI, that little pep talk was for myself. But feel free to hear my thoughts.

Project: Get Abs ASAP!

And woah is it getting hot in here or what? Quick give me some water! Just look at these shirtless men and their abs!!! Need fitspiration? Run like these hunks are waiting for you in the finish line!

Project: Get Abs ASAP!

Or him… *I dieeeee*

Project: Get Abs ASAP!

Oh Ryan, ya betcha, honey!

Have a healthy and fit body this 2014, you guys!

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