I always get asked what am I doing now after I resigned from my corporate job last June 2019. And then when I tell them that I work from home now, I get either a puzzled look or even more questions.

Imagine these past few weeks, in all the Christmas/holiday reunions I’ve been to, it’s all I’m asked! In fact, I realized I should write a blog post about it since it seems like an interesting topic. So here it is!

It’s also quite a bit timely cos we’re nearing the end of 2019, so this will also be some sort of look back to the crazy year it has been for me. So many new changes, so many endings, and new beginnings.

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Keep on reading to know how I got my work from home stint!

For starter, I quit my corporate job in June 2019 – something most people did not see coming and came as a big shock (honestly, even for me). Our GM was even trying to stop me at some point (half-jokingly, of course). I also got so many “Aww bakit? Sayang naman!” remarks. After all, why in the world will I give up such a coveted job in the top aesthetic company in the Philippines that pays well and have so many perks, right? Riiiight.

But to tell you the truth, I have been contemplating about leaving ever since late 2018. I know if I never bite the bullet then, I will just regret it for the rest of my life. There is this side of me that wanted a fresh start. Maybe I just got burned out. Maybe I needed a change of environment. Maybe I wasn’t happy anymore. Most people also go through this stage in their life and it’s just normal, isn’t it? If not, then good for you!

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All I know was I wanted to escape, to travel around Europe, to fulfill my dream of traveling alone. To just breathe and live in the moment. Yes, that might sound shallow and even selfish to you. But it really is my dream and I thought hey, quite a bit timely cos I turned 30 this year too so why not go chase what I truly wanted!

Work from home inspo

Even though it seemed like a rash decision, I actually had a plan long before I handed my resignation letter. I already saved up enough money and I also prepared myself mentally and emotionally months before.

Only here’s the plot twist – it didn’t work out as planned. I was supposed to fly to Belgium but my visa got denied so my European dream is postponed for now. I was bummed out, of course. I already spent so much time, money, and effort for nothing.

However, instead of sulking nonstop, I took it as a sign that maybe this was just a detour – an unexpected pit-stop to prepare me for bigger things ahead.

Suddenly, I had so much FREE time at my disposal. Something I’ve never had the luxury of for the past 8 years or so I’ve been working straight (at one point, I was even working full time during the day and finishing my master’s degree at night).

So you know what I did with all my new-found spare time? I upgraded my marketing skills! I learned more about SEO, social media marketing, paid ads, and other digital marketing skills. I took in as much new knowledge as I can.

If there’s one helpful tip I can give, this has got to be it. Always level up your skills. There are so many free and paid online courses you can check for whatever field you’re in… Google is your friend! 🤓   

I also applied for work from home online jobs (thinking I didn’t want to go back to corporate just yet). And guess what? I got lucky! I was offered a full-time work from home aka remote job after weeks of searching. I was hesitant at first because it’s my first time ever doing this whole work from home thing and what if it’s just a scam? I had so many worst-case scenarios running through my head at the time.

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Work from home quote inspiration

But the 13th-month pay, the fact that I’m entitled to paid Philippine holidays (they’re a company based in HK and Japan so technically they’re not required), and of course the $$$ pay – they all seemed too tempting to pass. Not to mention I’ll be doing similar digital marketing work as my previous jobs, only this time I get to work from home.

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You know what? Life really does have a funny way of making things work out. It’s like the stars aligned. It’s too good to be true. It’s already going to be my 5th month this coming January. To this day I still can’t believe it’s possible to work from home and that it turned out pretty well for me.

Of course, there are some work from home cons like I miss having actual officemates and the whole office vibes (sometimes I miss dressing up for work too HAHA), and I now have to process my own tax, PAG-IBIG, SSS, and other mandatory adulting stuff, but the pros far outweighed the cons.

I’m so happy I only have to work from 8 AM to 5 PM (gone are the days I’m the last one in the office LOL), no more unnecessary long meetings that otherwise can be tackled through email (honestly, meetings can drain so much energy and mostly a waste of time ~ sorry not sorry! ~), no more hours wasted in traffic too, and most of all, I get to spend more time with my elderly parents.

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So yeah, 2019 really had a lot of unexpected turn of events for me. I’m not saying you jump ship like what I did and start looking for work from home jobs. But it helps to acknowledge what you truly wanted in life and try to chase them.

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I still don’t have everything figured out, for sure. I still wish to fulfill my European dream and to travel alone. I also wish to have my own business someday. I have many more on my bucket list.

Anyway, I guess I’ll end this post with another BossBabe quote. Cliche as it may be, I hope it will inspire you. ✨

Work from home self

Whatever your dreams and goals in life may be, just start. Start small, start doing something, start doing anything to be one step closer to it. You will never know what you are truly capable of until you try. So on that note, wishing you all a great 2020 – where all your dreams, big or small, may finally come true! 😘

Btw, if losing weight is one of your goals this new year, you might find this article I wrote helpful – 5 Tips On How You Can Start Losing Excess Weight Now. If you want to travel the world on a budget, check this out – 7 Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Hacks That 100% Worked for Me.

So there you have it! If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below! Or send me a DM via my Instagram and Facebook page. Till my next post!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful article. Almost same story as mine and I would like to share a great way I found to earn money. I hope it helps some others!

  2. Hi Hazel! Thanks for sharing your journey. I was brought here from your recent article about online jobs.
    I feel inspired reading this. Take care and hope we’ll see each other again once this lockdown is over. 🙂

  3. Our dreams – no matter how shallow or selfish it may seem to other people – are always valid. I am happy you’re living your life.

    Funny how I read this blog post at a time when I’m about to quit government work to finish my law studies and pursue my most coveted dream of becoming a lawyer. Nakakapanghinayang daw because of the salary grade, sabi ng mga office mates. Pero di ba, there’s nothing you won’t do to chase your dream?

    Thank you for this inspiring post. I pray that more people can read this so they, too, can realize that there’s more to enjoy when one goes out of his comfort zone!

    1. Hi, Tina! Your comment made my day! It’s great knowing people like you are inspired by my posts. Good luck and I hope your dream of becoming a lawyer will come true soon!💙

  4. Wow, what a big leap for you. I’m also looking for a home-based job but I haven’t found an opportunity yet. Good luck on your new career!

  5. 2020 – the start of the new year and the new decade. we were all saying with so much positivity, we were ready for 2020! and nobody would have guessed what’s happening right now! you’re lucky you got out at the right time. you didn’t have to go through the anxiety of others who are still required to go to the office. good decision!

  6. This is such a good read! I could relate to you in some way. When I graduated college, a lot of my relatives expected me to pursue law school right away. However, I didn’t feel like I’m ready yet. I didn’t listen to them and I went after my dreams instead. After a year, I am now actually gonna go to law school and I wouldn’t trade my freelance adventure from last year. I learned and grew as a person. Sometimes we just have to trust our gut and it will lead us to something great. Always do you Hazel!

  7. Reading this for some inspiration. I work from home too but I do not have a client right now and now contemplating if I’m on the right path. I love what you said, “acknowledge what you truly wanted in life and try to chase them”.

  8. congratulations on finding a work from home job! never been better ang life natin with this.. pinaka the best yung mas mamamanage natin time natin at walang nasasayang dahil sa traffic.

  9. I’m happy that you found the jobs that perfect for you. I’m at a similar point in my life right now of looking for a new job, but I’m facing the opposite situation. I want to be challenged and I want to continuously grow, I just feel too comfortable at work? Idk, its tough actually, but hopefully I’ll make the right decision when it comes.

  10. That’s smart. That’s what I keep telling those who ask me re online work – that everything they need to learn can be found online. Good on you to up your marketing skills. As for your plans to travel, you’ll get there. 🙂

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