I’m turning 25 in less than 20 days. And I have a few random musings I want to share. You know what I realized? Exactly that e-card poster below.

Random Musings of A Girl On Her Way To Quarter-Life Crisis 1

Random Musings Of Someone Turning 25

I also realized a couple of other things.

That I’m not financially stable, living paycheck by paycheck with a job I have a love hate relationship with (like all normal people, don’t we all?). And still living under the same roof as my parents (I imagined by this age I would have my own place… why else did I start pinning home inspirations over at pinterest!).

I also haven’t fulfilled my dream to travel. To make matters worse, a friend of mine recently shared she’s been investing in stocks and I don’t even have a fucking insurance plan!!! I might as well get hit by a bus and my family will not recover anything from me.

This is so sad. I know it’s not right to compare my life with others, but in a way it gives me some sort of a reality check. And god knows I needed that.

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But on the upside, this year hopefully I will finish my master’s degree. Well actually thinking about it… it’s not really an upside. I probably have to go through hell with the marketing campaign I have to produce and defend infront of a panel. But hey, I’m trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel here.

I can only hope I’ll survive this so-called quarter-life crisis and figure out what I want to do with my life. I know this post may come off as pathetic to some of you, but this is just how I feel at the moment. And I don’t think I owe anyone any apology for being honest here. Congrats to you if you have your life all figured out, do share your tips. I’m all ears. 

Anywaaaay! I don’t want to end this random musings post on a sad note so I might as well announce it right now. My blog is turning 3 years this month!!!

I have a series of exciting giveaway lined up all thanks to my blog sponsors! Stay tuned for that and thank you everyone who has been supporting this humble blog of mine since day 1, with drama or not. 

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