• 5 Best V Neck Shirts For Women

    5 Best V Neck Shirts For Women

    If there’s one thing I’m really obsessing about these days… it’s gotta be v neck shirts for women! It can be worn plain and simple as it is for daily casual vibe. 5 Best V Neck Shirts For Women Or you can wear blazer on top of it for a more corporate look. V neck,…

  • What Is Your Summer Style

    What Is Your Summer Style?

    My summer style is definitely all about the basics! That is white blouse, shorts, flip flops, while sipping margarita by the beach. But if you are not hitting Boracay anytime soon, bring in the summer into the city. I love Rachel Bilson’s easy breezy style so she was my fashion inspiration when I was coming…

  • Music Festival Outfit Ideas

    3 Music Festival Outfit Ideas That Are Comfortable To Wear

    Music festivals are becoming widely popular locally so here is a fashion guide on how to dress in an event like this. It is actually requested by one of my Twitter followers (@angeliquemisa), so here you go girl! 🙂 3 Outfit Ideas for Music Festival ALSO READ: What Is Your Summer Style? Just quick tips! Dress wisely,…