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How I started my work from home

How I Quit My Corporate Job & Landed A Work From Home Full-Time Job

I always get asked what am I doing now after I resigned from my corporate job a few months back. And then when I tell them that I work from home now, I get either a puzzled look or even more questions. Imagine these past few weeks, in all the Christmas/holiday reunions I’ve been to, …

Start Losing Excess Weight Now
Health & Wellness

5 Tips On How You Can Start Losing Excess Weight Now

Ever since losing excess weight this year, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how I was able to achieve it. To tell you the truth, there’s no shortcut to it. I didn’t take any diet pills, I didn’t starve myself to death, didn’t do any plastic surgeries or machine treatments to zap away …

Bedroom ideas for the minimalist

7 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You For Your Next Room Makeover

Are you planning to redecorate your bedroom? Take a look at these 7 bedroom ideas to spark some inspiration and creativity! I think I would love to go for black and white, and minimalist and simple design for a change. Looks so refreshing to the eyes, right? Now that I have the bed room all …

Random Life Updates

6 Random Life Updates To Show That I’m Still Alive and Kicking Ass!

I kept on telling myself that I will write random life updates on my blog, and then before you know it, days, weeks, months, years (!!!) had already passed by na pala. Woopsie! I guess you can pretty much say life has been pretty hectic lately. Guess who’s back?! ME! 😅 😂  I have soooo much …