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Coronavirus Outbreak Travel Safe

Coronavirus Outbreak 2020: How to Stay Safe While Traveling the World

Do you have travel plans anytime soon? You might think it’s probably a bad time to travel overseas right now because of the coronavirus outbreak. But if you’re not traveling to China (or any other countries banned by your home country due to the coronavirus outbreak), maybe you don’t have to cancel your plans just …

Dahilayan Adventure Park Philippines

Top 3 Must-Try Exciting Rides at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon, Philippines

After seeing so many posts about Dahilayan Adventure Park from my relatives, finally, I was able to visit this amazing tourist spot! This was during the wedding weekend of one of my cousins in Cagayan De Oro and we did a little bit of side trip there. Dahilayan Adventure Park is a mountain resort nestled …

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Hack

7 Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Hacks That 100% Worked for Me!

I’m a living proof that Cebu Pacific’s seat sales are real! And that it’s possible to travel without breaking the bank. I had already been to Japan twice and believe it or not, I only spent less than Php 5,000 for the round trip fare. Here’s the breakdown: Tokyo, Japan 2018 = Php 2,204.98 all-in …

3 Travel Tips For Couples

3 Travel Tips For Couples To Survive Your First Memorable Trip Together

We always hear horror stories about couples fighting – or worst, breaking up – after they had their first out of town trip together. Here I share 3 travel tips for couples to survive your first travel together. It’s inevitable for things like this to happen because you and your partner are put into a …

Boracay is Back 2018

Boracay is Back! And Here’s Why I Ridiculously Missed The Old Boracay

In case you didn’t know yet, Boracay is back and has reopened already! I’m curious how it looks like now after the 6-month rehabilitation ordered by the government. Boracay is back… and you can’t party by the beach anymore! I read that Boracay will never be the same again. No more beach parties, no more …