Hi everyone! I came across an article by Regina Belmonte entitled “Does Being Beauty-Obsessed Make You Shallow?” then it hits me.

Regina Belmonte on Cosmo

I see myself in her. Not that I’m a writer/beauty editor like her, but as someone who also works in the beauty industry, I can’t help but wonder if people around me think I’m shallow because of being beauty-obsessed.

Do people around me think I’m beauty-obsessed?

Often times, when someone asks me what I do and I say that I handle the marketing of a beauty brand, I get the “wow, looks fun!” response. But deep inside, I have this feeling that they find my job shallow. Or me as a superficial person because I chose to be in this industry. I mean makeup? Really? Who will take me seriously, right? When all my other friends and relatives are lawyers, doctors, accountants, business owners, and so on.

And then I have this blog. Which I think further solidifies that impression on others that I’m indeed just a girl that is beauty-obsessed. That was one of the reasons why I didn’t willingly tell people in real life that I have a blog. When I started this blog back in 2010, only a handful of my friends knew. I’m afraid of being judged by others.

But you know what, all these things shouldn’t be my concern anymore. To quote Regina on her article, “There’s nothing wrong with caring about how I look or being presentable. It doesn’t make me any less intelligent, driven, or hardworking.

If people don’t appreciate me for who I am and what I do, then maybe they don’t belong in my life. This is the career path I chose, the industry I wanted to be in. As a marketer I could be in any industry (I had several job offers in other industries, but at the end of the day, they don’t feel right), but I chose this one because I have so much passion for it.

In fact, I’m excited to take a new exciting role, but I wouldn’t go into details for now. Let me ask you this, are you sacrificing your own happiness in a job/industry you loathed? If yes, then maybe it’s about time to do some self-assessment. To end this post, let me share this QOTD.

Life Quote

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