There are times that you feel like you deserve a break, and let that be this weekend! Go ahead and unwind this weekend. Read on to see how in 10 easy ways!

Here are 10 relaxing things to do to keep your mind off stress, deadlines and whatnot.

How To Unwind This Weekend in 10 Easy Ways

Trip Planning Tip 1

Get a mani/pedi/spa

Unwind This Weekend In 10 Easy Ways

Being pampered in the salon, with soothing background music, and vanilla scent in the room… ahhh relaxing indeed! Plus pretty polished nails are instant pick-me-upper! You can of course, do your own manicure yourself as well, if you find that more relaxing!

Trip Planning Tip 2


Unwind This Weekend In 10 Easy Ways

Move those lazy booty sister! Aside from the weight loss benefit of exercising, it also helps release happy hormones aka endorphins. There are tons of workout routines in Pinterest, and yes, I do it at home. And so can YOU!

Trip Planning Tip 3

Read a book

Of anything you fancy, really! Currently I’m reading Stylized: Liz Uy’s Ten Style Essentials. I’ve been putting this book off for months now, and this weekend, hopefully I’ll get to finish it. Haha! Not that it’s not good, it’s actually interesting and I’m learning a lot from it!

Trip Planning Tip 4

Pamper your hair

Show some TLC to your crowning glory! Try Tresseme Hair Mask and once you applied a generous amount onto damp hair, seal it with a shower cap for an hour before rinsing.

Trip Planning Tip 5

Exfoliate your face

Who got time to exfoliate during weekdays? I’m sure by the time you get home, all you want to do is collapse on your bed. #guilty. But when you unwind this weekend, go ahead and do your face some favor by applying exfoliating peel or mask or if you feel like DIY-ing, refer to the image above.

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Trip Planning Tip 6

Netflix and chill

Unwind This Weekend In 10 Easy Ways

This is probably a no-brainer! Watching your favorite series or movies on Netflix can instantly uplift your mood! I particularly like binge watching on rom-com movies just because! 

Trip Planning Tip 7

Eat cupcakes

Unwind This Weekend In 10 Easy Ways

Or any of your comfort food! Let this weekend be a guilt-free, eat-anything kind of weekend. Provided you’ll do #2, that is.

Trip Planning Tip 8

Get extra sleep

Unwind This Weekend In 10 Easy Ways

Catch some zzz! You will feel more energized after a good long sleep!

Tip 9

Clean your room!

Unwind This Weekend In 10 Easy Ways

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it therapeutic cleaning my room. Maybe I find it more relaxing when I see clean, breathable space right back again.

Tip 10


Unwind This Weekend In 10 Easy Ways

Don’t let your problems consume you. Smile and just let go. 🤗

Share in the comment section how you will unwind this weekend! I want to know!

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